Mondiaal reparatie- en servicenetwerk

Een van de sterkste punten van Fixturlaser is haar reparatie- en servicenetwerk. Onze gecertificeerde reparatie- en servicecentra wereldwijd voeren reparaties en kalibratie van systemen van Fixturlaser uit.

Global Repair and calibration Network

One of Fixturlaser's strongest features is its global network for repair and calibration of its products. We have a service center on every continent.
We recommend calibration and function check of your tools every 12-24 month.

• Sweden - ACOEM AB

Contact person: Jan Kipper
E-mail: service@fixturlaser.se


• Australia - SWB plus Relibility services

Contact:Mathew Smart
email:   smart.m@swbplus.com.au


• BRAZIL - R&D Consultoria e Comércio

Contact: Ricardo Damasco
Tel: +55 15 99779 1966
Email: ricardo.damasco@rdamasco.com.br

Contact: Raphael Musarra
Tel: +55 15 3411 5006
Email: raphael.musarra@rdamasco.com.br

• Canada - Services Techniques

Contact person: Mario Amaral
E-mail: mario@stcd.ca


Chile - CST Ltda

Contact person: Claudio Soto Torres
Email: claudio@cstonline.cl


• China - Fixturlaser China

Contact person: Zero Yu
E-mail: zero@fixturlaser.cn


• Middle East I Africa I Iran I Turkey I Egypt

Contact person: Tomas Höög
E-mail: tomas.hoog@acoem.se


Germany – ACOEM GmbH

Contact person: Markus Scholten
E-mail: markus.scholten@acoemgroup.com



Contact person: Ramesh MISTRY
E-mail: Ramesh.MISTRY@acoemgroup.com 



Contact person: Juan Carlos Roman Linares


• Peru - SEDISA S.A.C.

Contact persons: 

Henry Zelada
Tel: 512 3900 149
E-mail: hzelada@sedisa.com.pe

Juan Carlos Alejos
Tel: +51 (01) 512 3900      anexo (103 – 149
E-mail: jalejos@sedisa.pe 


• the Netherlans Prods - Fixturlaser B.V.

Contact person: John de Jong
E-mail: info@fixturlaser.nl


• Russia and CIS - Baltech

Contact person: Konstantin Lavrov
E-mail: lavrovka@baltech.ru


 Fixturlaser South Africa PTY Ltd

Cotact person: Steve Gething
E-mail: steve@fixturlaser.co.za

• Taiwan - Albest High Tech, Corp.

Contact person: James Wu
E-mail: albest.service@msa.hinet.net


• Turkey - ProPlan Ltd.

Contact person: Okan Taspinar
E-mail: okan@proplan.com.tr


USA - VibrAlign, Inc

Contact person: Stefannie Thomas
E-mail: stefannie.thomas@vibralign.com