Repair & Calibration

Global Repair and calibration Network

One of Fixturlaser's strongest features is its global network for repair and calibration of its products. We have a service center on every continent.
We recommend calibration and function check of your tools every 12-24 month.

• Sweden - ACOEM AB

Contact person: Jan Kipper
E-mail: service@fixturlaser.se


• Australia - SWB plus Relibility services

Contact:Mathew Smart
email:   smart.m@swbplus.com.au


• BRAZIL - R&D Consultoria e Comércio

Contact: Ricardo Damasco
Tel: +55 15 99779 1966
Email: ricardo.damasco@rdamasco.com.br

Contact: Raphael Musarra
Tel: +55 15 3411 5006
Email: raphael.musarra@rdamasco.com.br

• Canada - Services Techniques

Contact person: Mario Amaral
E-mail: mario@stcd.ca


Chile - CST Ltda

Contact person: Claudio Soto Torres
Email: claudio@cstonline.cl


• China - Fixturlaser China

Contact person: Zero Yu
E-mail: zero@fixturlaser.cn


• Middle East I Africa I Iran I Turkey I Egypt

Contact person: Tomas Höög
E-mail: tomas.hoog@acoem.se


Germany – ACOEM GmbH

Contact person: Markus Scholten
E-mail: markus.scholten@acoemgroup.com



Contact person: Ramesh MISTRY
E-mail: Ramesh.MISTRY@acoemgroup.com 



Contact person: Juan Carlos Roman Linares


• Peru - SEDISA S.A.C.

Contact persons: 

Henry Zelada
Tel: 512 3900 149
E-mail: hzelada@sedisa.com.pe

Juan Carlos Alejos
Tel: +51 (01) 512 3900      anexo (103 – 149
E-mail: jalejos@sedisa.pe 


• the Netherlans Prods - Fixturlaser B.V.

Contact person: John de Jong
E-mail: info@fixturlaser.nl


• Russia and CIS - Baltech

Contact person: Konstantin Lavrov
E-mail: lavrovka@baltech.ru


 Fixturlaser South Africa PTY Ltd

Cotact person: Steve Gething
E-mail: steve@fixturlaser.co.za

• Taiwan - Albest High Tech, Corp.

Contact person: James Wu
E-mail: albest.service@msa.hinet.net


• Turkey - ProPlan Ltd.

Contact person: Okan Taspinar
E-mail: okan@proplan.com.tr


USA - VibrAlign, Inc

Contact person: Stefannie Thomas
E-mail: stefannie.thomas@vibralign.com